What You Will Learn.

At Bible University you can study truth filled courses that are built on God's Word as the core foundation.

In addition we include a comprehensive reference set of study notes, and study guides.

All this with some of the most trusted Bible-based tools available to help you grow in Christ.

A 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, international study resource.
NOTE: Courses are for personal study and do not count toward any degree.

Bible University Schools

Select from a list of Bible Schools and courses offered. You can complete courses offered by one school, and your student's transcript will automatically transfer to the new school.

Language Translation
Qualified translators are needed!
Courses offered by our member schools need translating into other languages. Work on-line from anywhere the Internet is available.
Your help is urgently needed to make the Gospel available in every language possible.
Register NOW to volunteer.

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